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FAQ - Questions about APG vNext

What are the system requirements for APG vNext?

APG vNext System Requirements:

  • Web Server: Windows 2003, 2008, 2012;
  • IIS Version: IIS 6, 7, 7.5, 8;
  • ASP.NET Version: 4.0, 4.5;
  • SQL Server Version: 2005, 2008, 2012;
  • You can download a server environment checker to see if your hosting environment meets the requirements.

Does APG vNext support Integration with the ASP.NET Membership Provider?

Yes, the software integrates (not a requirement) smoothly with existing ASP.NET Membership Providers (e.g, the default SQL Membership Provider) to achieve single-sign-on.

And the software comes with our own Membership Provider and Roles Provider implementations free of charge, which allows you to manage all your users on your ASP.NET based site using the software as the membership system (e.g. if you don't have a membership system yet).

Does APG vNext support Integration with Active Directory?

Yes, Active Directory support is available via the Active Directory membership provider. The software can work with multiple AD membership providers at the same time (e.g. if not all your users are in the same Container). This allows users to sign in with their name and password for the active directory.

In addition, the software supports Windows Authentication, meaning if you want to bypass all login screens (e.g. intranet where users are already logged in), the software can read the authentication info from users' browsers and complete the login process behind the scene.

What am I paying for when I order the software today?

When you buy today, you'll download the software immediately once the order goes through. Plus, you are getting the following benefits:

  1. Huge discount if you choose the 5x license option;;
  2. One year free support and updates;
  3. 30-day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee;
  4. Lock in the lowest rate for support and updates for the 2nd year and beyond.

The subscription enrolment with the purchase (for support & updates after the first year) can be cancelled any time by contacting either me or the payment processor (ShareIt or SWREG).

Once I receive your order, I will create an account for you in our private vNext support forum and you can ask me any question there regarding the software. You'll also have access to the latest version of software in a separate private download forum.

How do I obtain support & updates from you?

Your APG vNext license comes with one year free support through the private, customer-only forum.
I promise to get to your support questions within 24 hours on business days on the support forum.

Whenever I release a hotfix or update, it'll be posted to the private download forum. Every client gets notified immediately when there's a new version / patch available.

You will also have access to the public knowledge base (part of the forum). I have documented several issues people encounter frequently and they are usually resolved with a short visit to the KB.

I had a few issues related to some customization I was trying to do. Samuel replied to every question within 24 hours and gave an answer that solved the problem.

Ron Kuper |

ASP Playground provides excellent support of their software. How many times have you e-mailed a developer and received no response? Each time in the last 31 days that I've e-mailed them, I've gotten a detailed solution...

Marc David |

How does the software licensing work?

APG vNext license is per-instance. What it means is one APG vNext license gives you the right to install the software in a folder on a web server, serving one base URL (e.g.
Your database can be located on a different machine without any issue.

With the 2x license options, you get two licenses with huge discounts. You can use the second license either for your development machine, staging server, a second community on a different URL, or to create a web farm (i.e. 2 machines serving 1 URL).

You will be able to move your software to another machine / URL using our licensing management interface.

Does the APG vNext license expire, if I don't keep my subscription?

No. The license you purchase with us DOES NOT EXPIRE. It is a perpetual license, much like Windows and Office. It will keep powering your community beyond the first year without an active subscription.

However, support and update end one year after the purchase date (or the final release date, if you bought pre-release), unless you keep the subscription active. Remember, you can cancel the subscription any time during or after the first year.

There are many benefits when you keep your subscription active (see below).

Why do I want to keep my subscription for future support & updates?

The following are the most obvious reasons why you want to keep your subscription active:

  1. Continued support from the developer: I never give canned response to any support request. I wrote the software so I don't have to refer to a "customer support manual" when you need my help.
  2. New features: I continued to add big features years after the release, including a mobile interface to the previous version of the software. I don't abandon the software and you get everything I add later on with your active subscription.
  3. Lock in the lowest rate today: When you purchase the software today, you also activate the lowest yearly subscription price. Within your annual subscription period, you don't pay extra for major version upgrades either.

    Cancelling and re-subscribing voids the lowest price guarantee. Paying for major version upgrade costs much more. I reward long term customers with huge discounts without exception.
  4. Bug Fixes & refinements: The reality is no software is bug-free. Sometimes the UI needs refinements to better the user experience. I promise to get you covered for all these with your active subscription.

What are some other reasons I may want to keep my subscription?

  1. Browser & Mobile Device Compatibility: The browser war continues to heat up and the big players are releasing new versions faster than ever (a major version every 6 weeks), which inevitably causes incompatibilities with web-based software. And there are even more browser variations on mobile devices. I keep testing and upgrading the mobile framework so that you stay on top of the game.
  2. Security updates: There were only a couple of very minor security issues (no data compromised) reported for the previous version of the software, and I fixed the issues within 24 hours. Have a peace of mind with your subscription, knowing I always stay on top of security issues.
  3. Continued access to the knowledge base: New variations of old issues pop up sometimes. For an email related issue in my KB, I added 8 solutions to 8 possible causes. And I continue to find new ways to use the software more efficiently. You get access to all article updates with your subscription.
  4. Stay current with best strategies: Things that work today may not work tomorrow on this fast-changing social web. APG vNext brings integrated content marketing to your community today, and a year from now we may need something extra.

Can I cancel the subscription within the first year?

Definitely. You can cancel it any time. You either contact my payment processor (ShareIt or SWREG), or you just let me know. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

Can I remove the copyright notice at the bottom of the pages?

Yes, we offer Unbranded License if you want to remove the copyright notice at the bottom of the page. The software will hide the copyright notice automatically when it sees an unbranded license.

You get the same benefits and bonuses with the Commercial license in addition to the right to remove the copyright notice.

Products & Subscriptions Pricing
(price in parentheses: support and update after the 1st year; can cancel any time) 3x Unbranded Licenses: 697 USD (300 USD)

Can I upgrade my existing software (version 2 or 3)?

Yes, you can upgrade your current version by purchasing the upgrade package below.

When you purchase the upgrade, please provide me your current order ID (should be in your forum account) or your forum support account user name on the shopping cart. You will join the vNext user group automatically once you purchase the upgrade.

Do I have to pay for the Download Protection service and Backup CD?

No. These options you see on the shopping cart are options I can't delete due to the regulation my payment processor has to abide by. It's however entirely up to you to decide whether you add these options to the shopping cart.

Products & Subscriptions Pricing
(price in parentheses: support and update after the 1st year; can cancel any time) 1x Commerical License: 397 USD (192 USD) 3x Commerical License: 497 USD (300 USD) 3x Unbranded Licenses: 697 USD (300 USD) What's an Unbranded License?

EVGA has been using ASP Playground for our community forum for 7+ years. Throughout this time, Samuel has provided top-tier support of the software.

Even with all the many customizations to the forum software to fit into our website login system, and even promos, installing the regular software upgrades is painless. Any time we do run into a problem, Samuel has a solution within 24 hours.

The software itself runs fantastic; it’s fast even under load. Our main community can post about 200 times per hour, and over 16k concurrent users at our peak, it keeps up without an issue.

We are looking forward to new versions of the software to see what more this software can do.

Joe Darwin | EVGA

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