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People Come for Content & Stay for Community
... so why manage them separately?...

We simplify the integration between your forum and blog, so you can focus on your business goals
instead of dealing with technical headaches with our ASP.NET forum software

. : Self-hosted Solution . : . Mobile-friendly Access . : . Social media Integration : . forum software for your online community

Friendly web communities running our ASP.NET forum software:

For years, Virgin Atlantic & US Coast Guard have relied on our community software
to help their pilots and guards stay in touch, both on and off duty -

My primary focus was providing a tool that Coast Guard field units throughout the United States could effectively use to share knowledge and experience amongst themselves as well as command entities on a timely basis.

The ASPPlayground.NET Forum software meets these communication requirements, including the ability to share documents and graphics, providing an intuitive and user friendly interface for a satisfying user experience.

Greg J. Ozzimo | United States Coast Guard

#1: The Unique ASP Playground Advantage:

Why APG vNext (ASP Playground version 5) ?

Our software lets you unify content & community to boost member engagement

Creating an online community today involves much more than setting up a forum and waiting for people to come. The web has evolved and outdated platforms will cripple  your efforts:

Traditional forum software no longer cuts it. Many forum platform remained unchanged for almost 10 years, while the Internet evolved significantly during the same period of time. People have new expectations and Google today rewards websites that produce quality content for their audience.

A blog-only website has significant drawbacks, too. People have no reason to stick around after reading your articles and they won't come back until your next article comes out. You can't contact your readers, and they have no way to connect with each other... Sense of Community becomes impossible.

How about using a blog + a forum? It doesn't work, because who has time & energy to manage multiple software (headaches) and still stay focused on business goals? Not to mention the integration issues you'll run into and the steep learning curve your visitors will face... a consistent User Experience is non-existent.

Here's how APG vNext solves the problems for you ...

Since "People Come For Content & Stay For Community" is as true as ever, let's build them together. With APG vNext, your blog and forum are unified into one system (not just integrated), giving you great time-saving advantage: You can post any content to the forum, and pick the ones you want to show on your blog, with no duplication (and no Google penalty) or a separate system to learn. You can even crowd source content from your members easily.

And for today's mobile & social savvy crowd, APG vNext comes with advanced features that help you meet their expectations. You get a featured-rich community, along with a dedicated mobile web app, social media sign-in, and HTML5 powered UI (e.g. drag'n drop upload, AJAX based interactions, etc.).

We don't limit your growth... you can have 1000's of concurrent users...

Performance is vital for online communities, because you can potentially have hundreds (or even thousands) of users at any moment. Poor performance lead to bad user experience and low search engine rankings.

APG vNext is battle tested with HUGE communities online (scroll down for examples). You can keep all the features turned on even when your community becomes 3x as large. We also make the system easy to scale-out (no session affinity load balancer required). One of our clients uses as many as 9 web servers for their enormous audience.

The Power of Content & Community, minus the headaches ...

Discussion Forums - keep members with you and attract new visitors

Create a community so people can stick around and share ideas, photos and documents. The software takes advantage of HTML5/CSS3, with WYSIWYG editors, drag'n drop file upload, database read tracking, and Ajax-based interactions that provide exceptional User Experience.

Unified Blog - content publishing capability without technical difficulties

Create an instant blog from forum content, without content duplication or a separate software to learn. Simply pick the forums and thread labels to extract posts from, and the software will instantly publish them on your blog. Grow your blog and forum at once.

Yes, the software is working very smoothly. It is widely used across Virgin Atlantic by all the Crew/Pilots and office staffs.

Pankaj Kumar | Virgin Atlantic

Mobile Web App - capture the future of Internet traffic today

Let your members access your community from anywhere in the world, using any smartphone or tablet. Powered by jQuery Mobile (the same framework Disney uses), this mobile web app lets you browse the forums and upload files... and it's lightweight so it loads fast even on slow networks.

Social Media Sign-in - get people to join with a single mouse click

Remove the hassle of registration and stop the membership leak, because 84% of adults online dislike being asked to register on yet another website.  With integrated membership authentication with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it takes only a mouse click to turn your visitors into members.

Community Highlights - make things more interesting with headlines & photos

No more dull community home page, instead, create attention-grabbing headlines and graphics that draw visitors' attention instantly. Model how news media (like CNN) engage their visitors and readers.

Page Creation - easily create standalone pages for different purposes

Create pages with keyword-optimized URL and page title. Very useful when you want to deliver content outside the forum & blog system, like a special contest announcement or private content for VIPs.

Google Friendly - integrated Analytics & Authorship, giving you an edge on Search

Improve your rankings on Google with Authorship integration & Search Engine Friendly URLs for all your forums and posts. Integrated Google Analytics helps collect vital stats about your members.

For More Info, Take a Full Feature Tour ...

We use this software for, supporting 70,000 users and 2.5 million of posts. It has never let us down despite this heavy load and nearly constant usage.

Ron Kuper |

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What Other Communities use our software?

Organizations use our forum software to build
public facing communities

When Susan G. Komen Foundation needed a message board for their members to discuss cancer treatment options and get support from others, they chose ASPPlayground.NET. Their community is now home to more than 25,000 members and hosts more than 350,000 discussions.

EVGA, a successful computer video card maker, started their customer community 9 years ago from scratch with our software. Their community is now a hub for more than ~2 million members and hosts thousands of daily discussions.

In the fitness industry, MuscleTalk UK is now a daily hangout for more than 55,000 avid body builders and have created a strong sense of community which helps their members find tips, training materials and supplement info every body builder would love to know.

So far they have more than 4.6 million discussions, and it is running ASP Playground, too.

"Community of Practice" gathers professionals
to share their knowledge

AuntMinnie is the first Internet community for radiologists and related professionals in the medical imaging industry. More than 35,000 professional members are spending time meeting, researching and collaborating on topics in the radiology field. 

DrBicuspid has a relatively young community with about 2600 members. This content rich site is dedicated to general dentists, specialists and other dental professionals. They are currently using ASP Playground to organize comments to their articles.

Our community software helps clients in tech industries
provide responsive customer service

Cakewalk, a hardware products creator for modern audio production, supports more than 70,000 customers with peer-to-peer support using our ASP.NET forum software. With a vibrant community in place, it makes customer support possible without incurring huge overhead.

GFI, an award winning software solutions provider for small to mid-sized businesses, created an online support community for their customers to ask questions about their product offerings as well as distribute news for upcoming product releases.

More than 25,000 customers signed up over the last 8 years and this community plays an important role in their support system till this day.

International communities find excellent use of
our ASP.NET forum software

Otosaigon, a top 30 social network in Vietnam and DonanimHaber, the #1 hardware community in Turkey, for years have used our software to serve their members. They are so huge (check them out yourself) so they want to generate revenue to support the communities.

Because ASP Playground is customizable, adding banner ads or Google Adsense is very easy (a few lines of code in a couple templates). Thanks to the ads served through their forums, both communities have generated significant income that continue to fuel their own growth.


Of course, it takes MORE than a well built software to create great communities online (e.g. passion, dedication and a good strategy). We're very proud that ASP Playground has played a part in their success and contributed to their community growth over the years :)

EVGA has been using ASP Playground for our community forum for 9+ years... The software runs fantastic; it’s fast even under load. Our main community can post about 200 times per hour, and over 16k concurrent users at our peak, it keeps up without an issue.

Joe Darwin | EVGA

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