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APG vNext Demo

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Log in First

Login: admin

Pass: admin

Once logged in...

You'll have access to the Admin Control Panel

(AdminCP) to configure the software.

Admin Control Panel

Admin Sections

Feel free to explore the various sections
of the Admin CP.

You can try adding a forum, a user group, and
testing the permission settings.

Or you can create a gallery and start
uploading photos.

Limitations of the Demo

Can't Send Email

To prevent SPAM from being sent from our server,
this demo blocks all emails.

This means you can't test features like
registration or subscription
that require emails to function properly.

Periodic Reset

This public demo will be reset periodically.

This means your configurations won't
stay on this demo permanently, and they'll likely be removed on your next visit.

More info Will be Available

This is a preliminary demo during pre-release.

I'll be writing a walk-through for the demo on
how to create a private forum for select members.

Also, the help documents in the AdminCP will also be ready for the final release of the software.

Questions or Comments ?

Because of the preliminary nature of the demo,
you'll likely have some questions after testing.

Please use our support forum at
to post questions and suggestions.

Thanks for your time, and
I hope you enjoy the demo.

NOTE: Pre-release offer has been extended.
You can visit the pricing details page
for more info.