2014/03/26 13:59:54
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vNext 5.0 Android Upload Fixed

Some users reported the new mobile upload feature didn't work with Android phones after the initial release of vNext 5.0. After working with the users and a 3rd party dev tools provider, I'm happy to report the problem with Android native browser upload has been fixed.
The problem was caused by a limitation and a browser bug in Android:
  1. Limitation: Android browsers cannot fire click event on a hidden element (CSS; display:none)
  2. Bug: Android browsers reported size = 0 for files uploaded via the HTML 5.0 FileAPI
I released a hotfix yesterday that works around this limitation and bug, and Android phone users can now upload without any issue. It's just that they can only upload one file at a time, instead of multiple at once as they can with iOS based devices.
The hotfixes are available for download in the private download forum.

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Thanks for the hard work!
2014/04/04 10:57:17

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