[FAQ]What features do you have to fight Abuse & Spam?

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What features do you have to fight Abuse & Spam?

We have several features in the software to help admins and moderators prevent SPAM and deal with abuses.

SPAM Prevention Filters

  1. Akismet Integration: Akismet is one of the top spam filters available, having filtered more than 150 billion spam posts at the time of this article. It's now completely integrated into the software that can fundamentally change the way you secure your forum.
  2. Flood Control: members cannot post consecutively within a pre-defined interval.
  3. Post Approval: Admins can put members and guests with fewer than x posts on approval list automatically. Approval required flag can also be set for User Groups and individual members.
  4. Private Message & Link SPAM prevention: Admins can set up conditions to meet in order for members to use of PM and URL in their posts.
  5. Captcha: you can turn captcha or Google's ReCaptcha on to help prevent spam bots from accessing the system.
  6. Username & Email Filters: You can prevent malicious users from registering accounts using user name / email by known abusers.
  7. IP Ban: You can ban users by their IPs (check out this IP stats technique to identify attackers.)
  8. Bad Word Filter: You can prevent the use of certain words in posts with our Regular Expression enabled filter.

Community Self Regulation

  1. Ticket Based Abuse Resolution: Your members can report abuse / SPAM using a dedicated Ticket system. It makes reporting / resolving the reports easy for moderators and reporters.
  2. Auto Ban with Post Flagging: Community members can flag posts as SPAM and once it has reached a limit, the spammer will be automatically banned from the community.
  3. Down vote Post Auto Hide:Members can also down vote posts they believed are abusive and violating the rules, and the posts will be hidden from view.

Strong & Secure Software Foundation

  1. Request Validation with MAC check: We utilize ASP.NET's built-in security features to validate and stop malicious data before it has a chance to reach the software.
  2. JavaScript XSS attack prevention: data displayed on the client side are filtered to prevent cross site scripting attack (XSS)
  3. HTTP only Cookie: We use HTTP only cookie for authentication to prevent malicious users to steal info using JavaScript.
  4. SQL Injection Attack Prevention: Due to the way our data access layer is designed, we made SQL Injection attack impossible against the database.
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