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2009/04/09 04:37:44 (permalink)

Version 3.4 Available Now!

Version 3.4 is a major update to the software. The focuses of this update are to
  1. improve the User Experience by changing the way certain features are presented to make the software even easier to use by members, and
  2. improve the Server Performance by changing certain caching algorithm to reduce the memory footprint of the application by as much as 1/3, and
  3. improve Client Browser Compatibility by updating some HTML in the code and finally bringing full IE 8 compatibility to the software. jQuery is now incorporated into the software, and performs certain essential functions like UI animation and certain Ajax requests.
  4. improve the UI for the admin control panel for better readability

Please refer to the release note below for detailed info:

Version 3.4 Release Note


  1. Empty Recycle Bin error when the "days" textbox is empty
  2. Moderator permission bug
  3. RadEditor Fixes:
    1. IE Smiley sometimes deletes message
    2. Safari and Chrome PasteHtml issue
    3. Safari, Chrome, and Opera window size issue
  4. Search performance fix
    1. Search with Order By when in combined mode / as well as in 
    2. remove relevance mode when in combined mode
  5. Custom Title check against bad word filter as well as moderator/admin title
  6. Browser Compatibility Updates
    1. Full IE8 compatibility with the new Telerik 2009 Q1 control
    2. workaround an IE 8 bug for editor resizing causing toolbar to disappear
    3. Remove the additional line added to the editor for non Firefox browsers
    4. Safari, Chrome browser unable to select PM recipients
    5. Updated image client side resize mechanism (IE compatibility issue)
    6. Upgrade to RadSpell 3.2.8 for browser compatibility
  7. Image scroller SP length check in place to prevent error bogging down the server.
  8. [logic dll] email validation allow + and . for forum
    1. SIP allow . +
  9. [logic dll] Error logger memory leak issue
    1. Create additional log file for 500 log once it exceeds the 1MB mark
    2. Additional email log file once it exceeds the 1MB mark as well
  10. Admin Error Log incorporate HTMLEncode to prevent display distortion
  11. new link created after V3.3 causing Null error
  12. When requiring guests to login, redirect users to the FormsAuthentication's loginUrl and set a proper ReturnUrl query string.
  13. Admin Menu Issues for User Managers and Forum Managers, causing users to be logged out
  14. Profile page: profile photo and avatar updating logic losing pictures


  1. Add a checkbox to send password reminder for imported users.
  2. New DbManager available for download
  3. Reply page show message replied to
  4. smiley popup on the editor
  5. [logic dll; control dll] a drop down in the master page to serve as quick theme switcher
  6. [logic dll; control dll] Google code coloring
  7. [logic dll] an additional key, DisableMembershipAutoImport, in web.config to allow membership integration without automatic member import
  8. Photo loading and Slide Show animation in the gallery
  9. [control dll] forum home page RSS
  10. [control dll] IE 8 workaround enable/disable through the admin control panel (in case such need arises)
  11. Log out page take ReturnUrl as well for easy integration with user's site


  1. Greatly improved memory usage with new a ASCX files incorporating method
  2. jQuery incorporated into the software - better compatibility with browsers
  3. General Size improvements on the entire js library
  4. Admin CP User Group page uses page method instead of ASP.NET callback (slow)
  5. Search feature uses page method to check for readiness instead of Ajax postback (slow)
  6. change Photo Rotator to use a new contro
  7. [control dll; menu js] allow change to the forum home link on the breadcrumb in the AdminCP (whether to use ~/default.aspx or ~/, etc.)
  8. [template] slight change in online user list template
  9. refined Original theme
  10. Change context menu root item HTML -> consistency in menu styling allowing easier modification through just one CSS file
  11. [sp] Change the post count update stored procedure's frequency to every 4 hours instead of 24 hours.
  12. Support html code in announcements
  13. quote / auto quote feature on message reply -> inject properly HTML instead of raw PGDCode into the editor
  14. Improves the search word highlighting function by focusing on words in the message body only (client side performance improvements)
  15. a new editor button for PGDCode for better readability
  16. Change the general style for the error handler pages (error 500 and 404)
  17. [control dll] Use jQuery.ajax to call page methods and web services to reduce bandwidth
  18. Add H1 tag to forum and message title on the respective pages for SEO purposes
  19. Cursor auto focus for:
    1. Registration page
    2. Login page
    3. Post page
  20. Reorganize the message / forum options menu:
    1. move subscription item out of the menu, and allow to choose subscription preference
    2. move RSS out
  21. Modify the message template to show IP and post number directly on the page
  22. [Regular.master] Re-organize forum's main navigational menu to add Photo Gallery as root
  23. [logic dll] A link to scroll to message that received the reward point (if any)
  24. Improves User Control Panel experience
    1. Re-organize the edit profile interface (more tabs, shorter vertical scrolls)
    2. Avatar upload and profile picture upload interface enhancements
    3. [sp; ln] Improves Subscription Page user experience -> easier to see and set preference for each subscribed item
    4. PM and Contact list page Ajax operation improvements
  25. [logic dll] "hide profile" also hide from member list
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