2015/01/14 00:23:56
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'Push' members back to your forum

First of all, thank you for using APG vNext in the past year as the platform for your community.

In 2014 we released several important enhancements that makes your life as an forum admin easier.

You can now provide native mobile (Tapatalk) browsing experience, and you can let the forum software fight off spam for you, on autopilot (Akismet).

So, what's coming to our software in 2015?

Your members will soon be able to turn on push notification through Tapatalk for things they're interested in.

This new feature will keep them updated in real time with stuff they're interested in, and as a result you get more return visitors throughout the day.

Why push notification?

People have become almost blind to email notifications.They now just hit the delete button without a second thought because these social emails are sitting in their inboxes right next to more important emails like order receipts or payment reminders.

They have become nothing but low priority, useless distractions. They just don't bring people back to your site the way they used to.

As it stands now, when it comes to bringing people back to your site, nothing beats a well-timed, personalized push notification.

And very soon you'll have this very solution in your forum :)

Stay tuned for more updates!

p.s. If you have an active maintenance subscription, you'll get this feature without additional fees. Of course, if you purchased your license recently, you'll get this feature for free, too (within the 1st year of purchase).

p.p.s If you don't have an active maintenance subscription or if you're still running an older version, you can purchase your upgrade here.

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