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2013/02/25 10:51:26 (permalink)

✔ New Community Features & Enhancements in APG vNext

The core of APG vNext is its forum based platform that's optimized for building communities online.
The entire interface and feature set in this version were redesigned and streamlined for better User Experience (UX). Everything was tested to ensure the final product is very easy to use and understand.

Please check out this short presentation (with lots of screenshots) on the Top New Community Features in APG vNext and see what's possible when you use APG vNext to power your community.
In addition to the enhancements above that improves User Experience (UX), the new Content Publishing capabilities in APG vNext create new possibilities for your community. Check them out!


For those prefer to read the new feature list directly (without screen shots), here it is:

1. Improved Post Listing Interface

  • An easier to read / scan format
  • Better post personalization
  • Automatically shows & updates Related Threads
  • Advanced post sorting & filtering

2. Powerful Top Navigation Panels

Gives you one click access to
  • All forums
  • Unread, latest, active and recently visited threads
  • Latest blog posts
  • New & Favorite photos
  • Unread PMs
  • In-menu Search
And each panel section has a View More link that takes you to the details page if you want to see more info.

3. Mobile Web App

  • Lightweight - user download only what they see
  • Full-featured - forums, blog, photos, registration...
  • Compatible with Many Devices (iOS, Android, Windows) - built on
    jQuery Mobile
  • Check it out!

4. Social Media Account Integration

  • Easier for members to join means bigger membership base
  • No more email verification means streamlined User Experience
  • No more identity disconnect for your members -
    uses avatar, email and username from user's social account directly.
  • Check it out!

5. Full Thread Read Status Tracking

  • Tracking read history across sessions improves User Experience
  • Fast and light - doesn't overload the server
  • No dependency on browser cookie - accurate & device independent

6. New WYSIWYG Message Editor

  • Enhanced formatting capabilities
  • New Thread Label UI & Tagging
  • Auto save draft to avoid loss due to computer / browser crash
  • Auto-refreshing inline post Preview
  • Drag 'n Drop file attachment
  • HTML5 multi-file upload with Progress bar
  • Ability to attach photos from gallery
  • Visual attachment embedding cue

7. Re-designed Private Messaging Center

  • Conversations now organized in threads
  • Quick Reply immediately below conversation
  • Streamlined folder and message management
  • You can search for members when composing PM

8. New Search Engine

  • You can apply multiple filters (forum, date range, answered or not,
    etc.) on results
  • Search understands the standard Google grammar
  • Quick search also available on the Top Navigation Panel and
    individual forum pages

9. Enhanced Moderator Interface

  • You can manage (pin / delete / lock etc) multiple threads at once
  • Ability to create Universal Pinned threads
  • Abuse Report Ticket Interface w/ quick reply
  • Notification Center for posts awaiting approval & open tickets
On the backend...
  • New post approval process to fight SPAM
  • New auto locking mechanism to prevent resurrecting old threads
  • and many more!

10. Photo Gallery: New Look

  • Redesigned for better User Experience
  • Responsive pages to fit different screen resolutions
  • Multiple Photo upload at once
  • Social sharing capabilities (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

11. 3rd Party Tools Integration

  • Multiple Membership Provider support
  • Mobile Detection script from
  • AddThis Social Networks Sharing Bar
  • Google Analytics
    • Any other JavaScript based analytics tools
  • ReCaptcha Integration to fight SPAM
  • oAuth & OpenID login (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Gravatar support
  • Built-in Youtube, SlideShare and TweetThis support in post
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Re: ✔ New Community Features & Enhancements in APG vNext 2019/05/13 04:08:09 (permalink)
Hi there
In Gallery admin there is the option to "Approval required for new photos" on each gallery, ticked by default.
However I configure the gallery it seems anyone who has permission to upload photos there is no approval needed.
Also even photos uploaded into a private gallery are visible on the Recent Photos even if you aren't logged in (albums inside private galleries are shown in Recent Albums). Can these features be disabled?
Sorry if this is documented somewhere , I can't find any documentation on photos.
I'm on v5.5 the latest I believe.
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Re: ✔ New Community Features & Enhancements in APG vNext 2019/05/13 14:30:41 (permalink)
Hi Andy,
I just answered your support PM. 
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Re: ✔ New Community Features & Enhancements in APG vNext 2020/01/16 21:08:05 (permalink)
Hi Team,
I was using Trial License in my UAT environment and than I have purchased the ASP playground license for Production. In production I want to use same UAT environment database but it is showing me license URL and license Machine from UAT environment. How can I change the same and activate my paid licence in the Production environment.
Please help me on the same asap.
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Re: ✔ New Community Features & Enhancements in APG vNext 2020/01/17 10:17:23 (permalink)
Since you didn't activate the license in your UAT environment, you can simply activate it in the production environment.
But first you need to update the forum URL to your production URL (see the 2nd post about updating the URL in the database):
Then see about Activation:
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Re: ✔ New Community Features & Enhancements in APG vNext 2021/11/07 16:56:02 (permalink)
Hello, sorry for asking here, didn't want to start a new topic. Is the development of this forum software over, there isn't going to be any new versions anymore?
Everyone went to mindless instagrams?
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