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Documentation for Administrators

Once you are logged in as an Admin,
  1. For APG vNext (version 4): you'll see an item that says Admin Control Panel when you click on the top right menu;
  2. For version 3.x: you will see on the top menu an item that says Admin Control Panel. Mouseover it and you will see the basic sections of the admin control panel;
  3. For version 2.x: scroll down the the bottom of the page to see a graphic that says "Admin". Click on it to go to the admin control panel.
Once you are in the admin control panel, you will see a list of sections on the left. Click on the one you want to configure, and the desired section will appear on the right.
  1. For APG vNext (version 4):
  2. For version 3.x: At the very top of the admin page, you will see a link that indicates the Help file location
  3. For version 2.x: At the top of the right frame, you should see a link with a ? mark.
Click on it and a small window will popup with detailed descriptions for the current section (context-sensitive help file).
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