[FAQ]Do you have post / user rating & ranking systems?

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2002/08/15 00:51:07 (permalink)

Do you have post / user rating & ranking systems?

Yes we do. ASPPlayground.NET by default supports post rating and user ranking system and both are configurable through our admin panel. You can:
  • Turn on/off post rating system for each forum;
  • Create user ranks or modify our 5 pre-configured ranks from the admin control panel.

Post Rating / User Rating:

Your members can rate a particular user by rating his posts. That particular user will receive corresponding score with his rated posts. This score and each individual's total number of posts determines the Ranking (see below).

User Ranking:

User ranking system can be either an integral part of the post rating system or as a stand-alone system. You as an Admin can choose whether to rank your users based on their post ratings or not. Our user ranking system can be configured to use
  1. member's post count;
  2. member's post rating (received scores);
  3. 1. and / or 2.
as the base to determine users' ranks. It is flexible and uses little server resources (client-side instead of server-side processing).
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Re: Do you have post / user rating & ranking systems? 2014/04/28 14:39:12 (permalink)
However, we would like to turn off the auto email notification when the user's post gets rated. Where I can find the email notifaction template?
Thank you for your support.
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Re: Do you have post / user rating & ranking systems? 2014/04/29 00:26:13 (permalink)
Hi Cindy,
There is actually a switch to turn off rating notification in the forum management page for each individual forum.
It's under the Forum Features tab once you select a forum to edit.
Or, you can find the Message Rated Notification under All Server Messages -> Forum Notifications (tab) -> Rating / Answer / Forward (tab) in the AdminCP.
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