APG vNext 5.0 - mobile phone upload, IE11 compatibility, and more...

APG vNext version 5.0 is around the corner. There are many important enhancements over v4:

Mobile Device File Upload

You'll be able to attach photos from your iPhone or iPad directly within the Mobile Web App. While in version 4.x, iPad users can upload files from the desktop theme, there was no way to attach files directly in the mobile web app. Files can be read, but not uploaded or modified in version 4.x.
In this upcoming release, you can easily attach photos from your phones when you create / reply to a post, send private message, or manage your photo albums.
In addition, we overhauled the file upload feature on the desktop version, too. We feel that there are too many steps involved in the current file attachment process, so we removed the popup window that loads an iframe in version 5.0. You will be able to either click on the attachment buttons to select files, or drag and drop files directly into the editor to upload.

We model what GMail does for the browser and believe this to be the way HTML5 upload was meant to be.

Implementing "read more" link for your blog

Sometimes blog posts can get a bit lengthy which may cause loading time and scrolling problem on the blog home page which shows a few blog posts at once. It's common to show a snippet and at the end add a Read More link that takes readers to the full post.
Here is how you do it in APG vNext:
  1. Set Full Blog Posts per page under Blogging Integration (AdminCP) to 0 to show only partial posts (snippet).
  2. Then, add a page break to each post:
  3. The post will show on the blog post listing like the following:
This way, you get to list as many posts on the blog home, and choose how much info to show up front.
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APG vNext 4.6 Released - tablet user upload + improved compatibility

Version 4.6 is a bug fix and compatibility enhancement release, addressing a few minor issues with server and browsers.
In addition, we added upload capability for iPad using the desktop theme. iPad users can now attach multiple files to their post, and the software will correct image orientation too based on the EXIF data available in the images.

Full Release Note

The following is the list for all the enhancements / bug fixes in 4.6:

Fixes , Improvements & Additions

  1. General Features and Software Behavior Upgrades:
    1. Multiple attachment to posts now enabled for tablet users using the full desktop themes
    2. Auto rotate uploaded images based on embedded EXIF data
    3. Added the ability to manually rotate attached images
  2. UI Presentation Improvements:
    1. PM search box now shows "loading indicator"
    2. Mobile login page includes social login links
    3. Telerik RadText input CSS consistency enhancement for the Progressive theme
    4. Improves the presentation for the social login "Connect" feature
    5. Hitting the ESC key or mouse clicking outside image lightbox to close the lightbox
    6. Photo lightbox for the forum now scales according to browser's viewport.
  3. Other Enhancements:
    1. Added 3 configurable keys to modify the behavior of the CSS / JS handler (Amazon issue workaround)
    2. Default 404 error handler enhanced to detect V2 URLs better
    3. Prevents server errors from occurring when people access the non-existent setup folder
    4. Prevents server errors from occurring when people access the profile page for deleted accounts
    5. Auto detect and correct issues for forum db [llevel] column
  4. Bug Fixes:
    1. Retina Display Mobile Icon issue
    2. RSS error caused by non-existing RSS feeds
    3. Mobile app redirect loop problem when forum is set to require everyone to be logged in first
    4. when posting emoticons the abbreviation text comes with it
    5. Old URL ~/fb.aspx cannot redirect browser
    6. Membership Provider Integration error not caught in error log
    7. PM links still show up in hover over menu when PM is turned off
    8. settheme=mobile infinite redirect issue

What are the Score & Reward Points showing beside user's posts?

The score system is tied to the rating of the posts. Your score increases / decreases when you get a thumbs up / down (+1 / -1) or a star rating (-2 to +2) for your posts from other members, and it affects the member title that shows below your name on the post page.
The reward points is something else: Reward points are gained when members join / sign in, and can be managed on the Registration / Login page in the AdminCP. You can also set different amount of reward points to gain for different User Groups.
It's important to understand that score (quality of posts) is in no way associated with reward points (participation).
Reward points allows you to post reward point threads by attaching a certain amount of points to your thread to reward the best answer you get. Reward point threads can be enabled by going to the forum management interface for each individual forum, and you'll find the setting under the Posting Permissions and Settings tab.
The reward point system is currently not a very elaborate system, which we'll be expanding in future versions.

How do I hide score and reward points on the post page?

Some people may find it insulting to have negative scores beside their name, and you can hide the display of score if you get complaints from users by going to AdminCP -> Basic Configuration -> Posts, List View & Search and check the Don't display score beside posts box.
There is currently no AdminCP display switch for reward points. You can however hide it easily by going to the template:
~/App_Templates/BaseTemplate (or your template name)/MessageDisplay/ItemTemplate.ascx
and remove this line:
<li><%#langString("profAvailableRewardDesc")%> : <%# MDto.AuthorRewardPoints%></li>

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Facebook & Twitter App Signin Integration

APG vNext supports sign in Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Enabling Google Login is easy, as you just have to check the box in the AdminCP (checked by default).
For Facebook and Twitter integration, you have to first create an app on their developer sites in order to get a key and secret pair. Click on Get your key in each section to create your apps.
If you've never created these apps before, it may not be very obvious what settings you need to turn on on their developer sites to enable integration with AGP vNext.
See below for information:

APG vNext 4.5 Released - Feature Refinements for 4.4

APG vNext 4.5 is just released! (Oct 8, 2013)
As described in the version 4.5 introduction, this version is designed as a maintenance / refinement release to fix issues and enhance the software behaviour for the many features introduced in 4.4.
The most notable feature enhancements are:
  1. Featured article display: can show more than 1 articles per row and have different display settings for the News and Forums homepage (settings configurable in the AdminCP)
  2. Post marked Helpful enhancement: Admin can decide who has the ability to mark post helpful, based on the forum permission
  3. Ability to turn on / off email notifications for post marked helpful and post rating
  4. Turkish Database Collation Support (Turkish_CI_AS): Case Insensitive, Accent Sensitive collation
  5. Fixing CSS Cache issue with ASP.NET 4.0 and certain cloud hosting providers
  6. AdminCP reorganized to make presentation more logical; Also, the Admin Help File is now available for all admin sections.
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