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APG vNext 5.5 - Offical Tapatalk + improved post management

What's new in 5.5?

Since the release of 5.0, our focus has been to make integration easier with relevant 3rd party services. In 5.1, we introduced Akismet, a powerful automated spam filtering engine, as well as improved capability to call 3rd party API's for integrated user management.
And for this new 5.5 release, we worked with Tapatalk to create an official plugin that brings native mobile app experience to your members. We implemented nearly all features available in the Tapatalk app to make it as useful as possible.
Plus, this plugin was carefully designed to not introduce any stability or performance issue to your server. It's pretty lightweight - lighter than our built-in jQuery Mobile web app in terms of computing power / memory needed to render a screen on a mobile device.
All in all, we're proud to say that we're the first and only .NET forum that has official support from Tapatalk .
For all fixes and improvements included in this version, please see the following for details:

Fixes , Improvements & Additions

  1. New Features and Software Behavior Changes:
    1. Tapatalk Integration - cross platform, native app experience for your members
    2. Single post view - you can show any individual post in a thread without loading the entire thread or the tree structure, using this syntax: ~/viewpost/{post ID}
    3. Ability to branch off a new thread from any post, without splitting the thread using the parent-child or chronological relationship
    4. Ability to move a post to a different thread
    5. Ability to specify the new thread title when splitting a thread or branching off a new thread on the management interface
  2. Enhancements:
    1. New mechanism to prevent unstyled page or broken javascript
    2. Code optimization for better memory usage
    3. Preventing Membership Provider error to crash a page
    4. Can search for members based on Screen Name
    5. Can send PM to other members using their Screen Name
    6. Periodic software license validation not required anymore
  3. Bug Fixes:
    1. Guest account can be added to user group or as private user for a forum
    2. Rating stars doesn't show properly in browsers
    3. Error occurs after closing the popup PM editor, if the PM is not saved in the Sent folder
    4. RSS feed item and channel URL format error
    5. Error occurs after deleting a gallery that has a child gallery

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