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APG vNext 5.1 - Akismet + improved 3rd party API

What's new in 5.1?

Version 5.1 is a major release with one major focus - to help you beat spammers with ease. For this, we introduced Akismet into the software.
With Akismet fully integrated, you can have a peace of mind, knowing that the most powerful web spam filter is watching over your forums for you. It's also highly configurable, letting you change the filter behaviour on a per-forum basis.
In addition, the 3rd party API call is improved as well, letting you make RESTful / RPC calls (in the background) when users' group membership expires or gets reinstated. In 5.0 and before, you could only make these remote API calls when you manually add / remove users from a group. This improvement makes integrating with other services much easier.
For all fixes and improvements included in this version, please see the following for details:

Fixes , Improvements & Additions

  1. New Features and Software Behavior Changes:
    1. Aksimet Integration - Automated Spam Filtering now available
    2. 3rd party API calls now expanded to include membership expiration and reinstating
    3. Page Creation in AdminCP now has a box to put content at the end of body - easier to add JavaScript code
    4. Tagging: several improvements:
      1. You can now convert user defined tags to Smart Tags
      2. You can also edit / delete user defined tags
      3. User defined tag list now allows filtering for easy management
  2. UI Presentation Improvements:
    1. Several AdminCP pages revamped for consistency and usability, and make some options easier to understand. The pages that got improved are:
      1. Report Tickets
      2. Post Flagging
      3. Forum Management
      4. User Group Management
  3. Enhancements:
    1. You can now disable server messages by leaving the subject / body blank (previously users will receive blank messages)
    2. RSS feeds for forum and threads now show relevant channel link
    3. Auto detect incorrect unread count for Private Message
    4. Avatar upload post count restriction now applies to users who don't belong to any user group
    5. Request Validation turned off for Basic Maintenance in AdminCP to allow HTML in message
  4. Bug Fixes:
    1. Android browser cannot upload via the mobile web app
    2. Upload permission checkbox in the forum management interface has no effects
    3. Mobile PM doesn't work when file attachment for PM is disabled
    4. Unread threads listing doesn't show threads you mark as unread manually
    5. Notification link to mobile web app issue due to page count difference between desktop and mobile version
    6. Scheduled background tasks not executed on time due to a bug in thread pool management

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