2013/12/05 22:53:45
APGvNext Sam

APG vNext 4.6 Released - tablet user upload + improved compatibility

Version 4.6 is a bug fix and compatibility enhancement release, addressing a few minor issues with server and browsers.
In addition, we added upload capability for iPad using the desktop theme. iPad users can now attach multiple files to their post, and the software will correct image orientation too based on the EXIF data available in the images.

Full Release Note

The following is the list for all the enhancements / bug fixes in 4.6:

Fixes , Improvements & Additions

  1. General Features and Software Behavior Upgrades:
    1. Multiple attachment to posts now enabled for tablet users using the full desktop themes
    2. Auto rotate uploaded images based on embedded EXIF data
    3. Added the ability to manually rotate attached images
  2. UI Presentation Improvements:
    1. PM search box now shows "loading indicator"
    2. Mobile login page includes social login links
    3. Telerik RadText input CSS consistency enhancement for the Progressive theme
    4. Improves the presentation for the social login "Connect" feature
    5. Hitting the ESC key or mouse clicking outside image lightbox to close the lightbox
    6. Photo lightbox for the forum now scales according to browser's viewport.
  3. Other Enhancements:
    1. Added 3 configurable keys to modify the behavior of the CSS / JS handler (Amazon issue workaround)
    2. Default 404 error handler enhanced to detect V2 URLs better
    3. Prevents server errors from occurring when people access the non-existent setup folder
    4. Prevents server errors from occurring when people access the profile page for deleted accounts
    5. Auto detect and correct issues for forum db [llevel] column
  4. Bug Fixes:
    1. Retina Display Mobile Icon issue
    2. RSS error caused by non-existing RSS feeds
    3. Mobile app redirect loop problem when forum is set to require everyone to be logged in first
    4. when posting emoticons the abbreviation text comes with it
    5. Old URL ~/fb.aspx cannot redirect browser
    6. Membership Provider Integration error not caught in error log
    7. PM links still show up in hover over menu when PM is turned off
    8. settheme=mobile infinite redirect issue

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Lenny Nero
That's great!

P.S. Actually this is just one of two posts I need to make so I could contact customer support via PM. Blah.
2013/12/10 07:36:37
APGvNext Sam
Hi Lenny,
It's set up so people don't sign up and start sending PM spam to others.
If you already bought the software, please put your order ID in your profile and I'll add you to the license owner group which doesn't have the PM restriction.
If you haven't and have questions regarding the software, you can find our email listed on this page.
2013/12/10 09:49:57

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