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2013/09/27 11:00:15 (permalink) Dev Note
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APG vNext 4.5 - upcoming maintenance update

I'll soon be releasing version 4.5 (in a week).
4.5 is designed as a maintenance release to fix issues and enhance the software behaviour for the many features introduced in 4.4.
Here are some notable features / fixes:

Ability to display more than 1 featured article per row

You'll be able to show 1~4 featured articles per row on the News / Forum home page. Due to the page design, you may want to display more than 1 article per row.

Mark Helpful / Answer enhancements

You'll be able to decide who can mark posts helpful. Right now anyone who has read permission can mark a post helpful. This can be undesirable for forums with a lot of members (a lot of posts ended up "Helpful").
In 4.5, you can set to only allow Original Poster (along with moderators and admins) to mark posts helpful. Or you can reserve the privilege for users with "Reply" permission only (as opposed to anyone with "read" permission).
In addition, in the current version when a post is marked as helpful / answer, the software always triggers email notification. This can be undesirable again for forums with a lot of members (some users can get a huge amount of notification). In 4.5, you can turn notification off on a per forum basis.

Menu Editor update

The Top Nav menu editor introduced in 4.4 has 2 bugs ->
  • cannot edit a menu item after it's dragged (sorted), and
  • you can't add 2 root menu items.
These issues will be fixed in 4.5 as well.

CSS Cache Issue

Some users on cloud platforms occasionally experience issues with CSS not being sent correctly. It is a mysterious bug that could be related to ASP.NET 4.0 (4.5 seems to fix the problem) or certain cloud platforms.
In 4.5 I add a detection mechanism to workaround the issue, so when the software detects a CSS issue, it'll rebuild the CSS cache on its own.

AdminCP and help file improvements

Many AdminCP pages are re-organized to make the presentation of options more logical. The help files will be completed for all pages as well.

Upload issues with certain browsers

The drag & drop upload mechanism has some minor issues that causes JavaScript errors with older browsers. This will be fixed in 4.5.
Version 4.5 should be available in a week or so and more info will be available at release.
Thanks for your time and have a good weekend!

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    Re: APG vNext 4.5 - upcoming maintenance update 2013/09/27 15:25:52 (permalink)
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    In addition to the fixes and new features above, we'll be offering preliminary support (tested) for database server with Turkish collation (no more "i" problems with the database).
    We still won't be supporting Case Sensitive collation, but v4.5 should successfully install on SQL server with Turkish collation, such as "Turkish_CI_AS" (Turkish language, Case Insensitive, Accent Sensitive, which is the default collation for Turkish servers).
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