[FAQ]Why do I want to keep my subscription for future support & updates?

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Why do I want to keep my subscription for future support & updates?

The following are the most obvious reasons why you want to keep your subscription active:
  1. Continued support from the developer: I never gave canned response to any support request. I wrote the software so I don't have to refer to a "customer support manual" when you need my help.
  2. New features: I continued to add big features years after the release, including a mobile interface to the previous version of the software. I don't abandon the software and you get everything I add later on with your active subscription.
  3. Lock in the lowest rate today: When you purchase the software today, you also activate the lowest subscription price (billed in a year). Within your annual subscription period, you do not pay extra for major version upgrade either.

    Cancelling and re-subscribing voids the lowest price guarantee. Paying for major version upgrade costs much more. I reward long term customers with huge discounts without exception.
  4. Bug Fixes & refinements: The reality is no software is bug-free. There might be software behavior tweaks needed, too. I promise to get you covered for all these with your active subscription.

What are some other reasons I may want to keep my subscription?

  1. Browser & Mobile Device Compatibility: The browser war never stops and the big players are releasing new versions of their browsers faster than ever (a new version every 6 weeks), which inevitably creates incompatibilities with web-based software. And there are even more browser variations on mobile devices. I keep testing and upgrading the mobile framework so that you stay on top of this game.
  2. Security updates: There were only a couple of very minor security issues (no data compromised) reported for the last version of the software, and I fixed the issues within 24 hours. Have a peace of mind with your subscription, knowing I always stay on top of security issues.
  3. Continued access to the knowledge base: New variations of old issues pop up all the time. For an email related issue in my KB, I added 8 solutions to 8 possible causes. And I continue to find new ways to use the software more efficiently. You get access to all article updates with your subscription.
  4. Stay current with best strategies: Things that work today may not work tomorrow on this fast-changing social web. APG vNext brings easy content Publishing to community engagement today, and a year from now we may need something extra.
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