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Upload Related Issues

The software stores uploaded files in ~/upfiles folder on the server. Therefore, you need to make adjust the permission for this folder so that it can be written to by ASP.NET.
You can verify you have the correct permission by going to the AdminCP -> System Related Options -> Server Checker:

If the Folder Permission Tests fail, check to make sure your forum permission is correct:
Basically you want the ASP.NET identity account (available on the server checker page too) has Modify permission on the folder. This Modify permission setting also needs to propagate down the folder hierarchy:

If your permission setting is ok, check the error log and see if there is any error recorded. The error log will reveal if your permission setting is actually set correctly.

The following are common upload related issues:
  1. I can't upload files larger than 30MB
  2. I run into an error that says DirectoryNotFoundException

I can't upload files larger than 30MB

The default upload restriction set in ~/web.config is 30MB. If you want to allow files larger than this, open ~/web.config and look for
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="29999" requestValidationMode="2.0" />

Change the maxRequestLength value to the size limit you want to support. You may also need to add a executionTimeout attribute so that the upload process doesn't time out on large file uploads.
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="59999" executionTimeout="54000" requestValidationMode="2.0" />

You may also need to change the responseDeadlockInterval valuein your machine.config to match the executionTimeout value.


If you run into error message that says:
System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path "D:\".

The software stores uploaded file in the file system, and will attempt to create a folder for each user before a file is uploaded. 

Both Directory.CreateDirectory(path) and DirectoryInfo.CreateSubdirectory(path) require the ASP.NET account to have Read access to the drive's root directory (i.e. <Drive>:\). 

So, you need to grant the ASP.NET identity "Read" access to the drive's root folder (D:\ in this case).

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