[FAQ]Upgrade from 2.x to vNext: converting your data from ANSI to Unicode

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Upgrade from 2.x to vNext: converting your data from ANSI to Unicode

Ignore this message if you're already running an Unicode version of the software (2.4.5 Unicode or 2.5.5 Unicode)

To upgrade your forum to version 4, you'll have to migrate your data to a Unicode version of the database first.
Migration involves
  • creating an empty Unicode database
  • migrate all your existing data from your ANSI database to the new Unicode database
  • Then you're ready to upgrade to V4 using the new Unicode database
If you have a forum in English, you can use the following method to migrate (convert) your data.

For all other languages (French, German, etc.), you'll need to use SSIS to transform texture columns to Unicode (the method in this article doesn't apply). As to which columns to transform, you can see the entire list of texture columns in the inplace_UNI_conversion_SQL_2005.sql file included in the zip packages.
Please choose the migration (conversion) package based on your current version of the software:
For 2.4.2 sp3 users, please upgrade to 2.4.5 ANSI before following the migration procedure.
The script to upgrade your 2.4.2 SP3 to 2.4.5 ANSI is also included in the package (2.4.2SP3_2.4.5ANSI.sql). Execute the script against your database to complete the upgrade. You only need to upgrade the database but not the asp files.

Detailed instructions are available in Migrating from ANSI to Unicode v2.pdf
You can hire me to perform the migration for you. The rate is 107 USD per hour, and it's not part of the standard installation service.
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