2014/09/01 07:44:53
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Tapatalk Available Now - the First and Only .NET forum with official support!

I'm happy to announce that beginning version 5.5, we'll be bundling an official Tapatalk plugin with the software package.
What this means is you can offer a native mobile app experience to your members, with no additional charge, as soon as you have the plugin installed on your forum.
A bit about Tapatalk
Tapatalk is the only cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) mobile app designed to enhance the user experience for internet forums on mobile devices.
Users can download the app on their phone and begin browsing your forum within minutes.
The benefits of Tapatalk-APG vNext integration are numerous...
  1. The experience is more responsive for the end user and the load is lighter on the server (compared to browser based app)
  2. The official Tapatalk app is free and available on all brands of mobile phones and tablets
  3. You will have increased visibility and targeted traffic - other forum users will be able to find you via the Tapatalk network on their mobile devices
  4. This is an official plugin made by Tapatalk and us -> so it's written and tested by Tapatalk's engineers and myself to ensure that it not only works, but also works very well
  5. The Tapatalk app has native support for Google Analytics, which makes tracking user interactions a breeze!

Plugin installation is very easy too, as it's written as an HTTP Handler (the main plugin) + an HTTP Module (Smart Banner) - meaning you just drop the plugin dlls to the forum's bin folder and add 2 lines of code into the forum's web.config file, and you're done .
With Smart Banner, you don't even have to tell your members about Tapatalk availability. As long as your members visit your forum from a supported mobile device, they will be automatically notified of the Tapatalk integration.
I've installed the plugin on this support forum, so if you're interested you can test it now. Here's how:
  1. Go to your app store, search for Tapatalk and download and install the app on your phone / tablet.
  2. Even if you already have Tapatalk installed, make sure you search and download Tapatalk again as the plugin doesn't work with earlier versions of the app (like the Tapatalk HD)
  3. Open the Tapatalk app, and search for "ASPPlayground". You'll find our support forum.
  4. You can then browse as a guest, or log in using your forum's login / password
The official plugin and version 5.5 will be available in about a week. For now, give it a try on this support forum and see how good the mobile experience can be .

A few final words on the plugin - you do not have to install it if you don't want to. This Tapatalk plugin is offered as an option, not a mandatory component. You can continue to use our jQuery Mobile based web app for your forum, but I do recommend you give Tapatalk a try.

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