[FAQ]Running into forum issues post setup ( 403 forbidden )

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2013/02/21 03:52:59 (permalink) Error / Issue

Running into forum issues post setup ( 403 forbidden )

If you ran into the following issues:
  • Everything during setup worked, but you couldn't activate the license in the last step
  • The software keeps redirecting to ~/ but works if you type in ~/default.aspx
  • You can't log in. The login button doesn't have any effect
It's likely your server has some software installed that rewrites URL. In some cases your server will keep redirecting you to the same page that results in a browser error.

Our software uses .NET URL Routing & JSON Web Service extensively, so you need to make sure your server does not interfere with these standard ASP.NET features.
Software like Helicon Ape and the IIS URL Rewrite Module are known to cause problems if you did not exclude the forum folder in their configuration files. You should disable these software for the forum because we have our own SEO optimization implementation.
If you have IIS rewrite module installed at the parent level, you can disable it for the forum (since we don't use it) by adding the following to the forum's web.config, under system.webServer:
              <clear />

It's also possible that your version of IIS 7 (Windows 2008 first version / Vista) is not up to date. If you run into 403 Forbidden: Access denied error, you'll need to apply a hotfix available from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/980368 

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