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2013/02/25 16:40:58 (permalink) Back End

How scalable is APG vNext?

Stats show that Google's traffic & revenue drop 20% when search results take 0.5 seconds longer to show, and 40% of people abandon a page if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.
Therefore APG vNext was designed from the ground up with performance in mind. We have many clients that have millions of messages inside their forums w/ thousands of concurrent users using the software everyday.

Performance is optimized with the following enhancements in this version:
  1. No dependency on the ASP.NET Session Object, helping you save memory on the server and making it very easy to set up a web farm (load balanced web servers).
  2. Viewstate disabled on most pages to reduce page size and save bandwidth.
  3. Optimized caching on the server to eliminates unnecessary database calls to further speed up page rendering.
  4. Utilizing JSON web service + Client side Ajax to perform software operations to avoid full page Postback.
  5. Page refreshes with ASP.NET callback which eliminates large amount of data transfer associated with ASP.NET UpdatePanel
  6. Combining and compressing CSS and JavaScript to cut down the number of requests and reduce page payload, so that your community loads fast even on the first visit.
  7. The software produces "eTag" for CSS and JavaScript to help browser reduce download size when users hit the refresh button.
  8. Use of SQL stored procedures and combined queries to reduce the number of database round trip.
We have many clients that run large communities around the world. Here is a short list:
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    Re: How scalable is APG vNext? 2019/02/06 23:00:18 (permalink)
    I am new to ASP.Net. Thanks for this information. 
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    Re: How scalable is APG vNext? 2019/11/07 23:12:43 (permalink)
    HI Team,
    My Company purchase the license and I want to show latest post on my other website.
    How Can I do the same, Please help me.
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