[FAQ]How do I activate the software?

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2013/02/21 02:44:21 (permalink) Activation

How do I activate the software?

Once the software is set up correctly, you should have activated the software (either paid license or Trial) if you followed the setup wizard to the last step.
The following is for users who initially activated a Trial license during setup and later want to activate their purchased license.

Step 1: your order ID

In order to activate your license, you need to enter your Order Number (available from your order confirmation email) into ~/config/appSettings.config:
<add key="OrderRefNumber" value="xxxxxxx" />

Replace xxxxxxx with your Order Number.

Step 2: go to Admin CP

You have to be logged in as the system admin (member ID=0) in order to see the activation section in the AdminCP

Follow the instruction there to use either Option 1 or 2 to activate the license.
Here is a list of possible reasons why you can't activate your license.
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