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2008/08/01 17:21:31 (permalink) PGDCode
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Hide content (spoiler)

Here is a custom PGDCode you can put into the control panel that allows you to hide some content in a message for whatever purpose you want, for example, spoiler warning.

The PGDCode

\[(hidden)[\=\w]* title=([^\]\"\']+)\](.+?)\[\/\1\]

Replace With:
<div style="border-bottom: 1px #666 dotted; padding:12px 10px; background-color: #FAFAFA; margin: 0 0 10px;"><i class="icon-caret-down icon-large spoiler-hide"></i>
<a href="#" class="spoiler-hide" onclick="$(this).fadeOut('fast', function(){$(this).parent().find('.spoiler').slideDown('fast').end().find('.spoiler-hide').slideUp();}); return false;"> $2</a>
<div class="none spoiler">
<a href="#" class="none spoiler" onclick="$(this).parent().find('.spoiler-hide').show().end().find('.spoiler').slideUp(); return false;">close</a>

Purpose: Hide some content
Example: [hidden title=Click To Unhide]Content To hide[/hidden]
Begin Tag: [hidden title=Click me]
End Tag: [/hidden]
ECMAScript Compliant and Ignore Case checked.
The Replace With can be modified to fit your styling needs. Just remember to include the $2 (the link title to reveal the hidden content), and $3 (the content that is hidden) symbols.

The following is an example:

Click here to reveal the hidden content

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  • Custom PGDCode allows admins to define PGDCode in the admin control panel without having to touch the code.
  • User Group Membership Expiration - Allows you to define length of group membership.
  • Additional Group Based settings and permissions.
  • Forum Management with Inheritance - making forum management a lot easier. Define setting and permission only once and sub forums automatically inherits parent's settings.
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Re: Hide content (spoiler) 2014/09/24 14:43:26 (permalink)
This is a very useful feature, but I was wondering if there's a way to add a hide button after a spoiler is revealed, so as to close it back up.
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Re: Hide content (spoiler) 2014/09/24 18:04:09 (permalink)
Hi Lenny,
I made a bit of change in the code above to add a "close" link at the bottom of spoiler content. Take a look.
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Re: Hide content (spoiler) 2014/09/25 12:39:52 (permalink)
Hello Sam, great, that works perfectly, can hide back similar long texts or images after viewing, thank you very much! 
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