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Changing Community Homepage

Beginning v4.4, you can switch between 3 different presentation styles for your home page right from the AdminCP.
It is possible with earlier versions, but it requires you to edit a configuration file with Notepad, upload it to the server, and manually restart the AppDomain.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Modify the Routing Configuration File

This step tells ASP.NET's routing engine which file to serve when people browse to ~/ or ~/default.aspx
First, go to AdminCP -> System Related Options -> Config Editor

To change the route, you need to edit the <File></File> in the 2 red rectangles. Do not change the content in the <URL> tags.
Make sure you set the file permission for ~/config/Route.config to "Write" so that you can edit the file from this interface.

If you want to use...
  • The News style home page: put ~/home.aspx inside both <File> tags (this is the default)
  • The Forum List: put ~/forums.aspx inside both <File> tags
  • The Blog: put ~/blogs.aspx inside both <File> tags
Save the edit, and the software will restart the AppDomain automatically.
You may need to restart the AppDomain manually, if you aren't running the software under Full Trust. The easiest way to do so is to slightly modify the web.config file (e.g. adding a space to the end), which triggers the AppDomain restart automatically.


Step 2. Change the Breadcrumb Link URLs

This step lets you set the breadcrumb URLs for a few key pages. It's important we make the changes to reflect our choice for home page.
Go to AdminCP -> Home, Forums, Menu & Breadcrumbs -> Homepage Selection & Breadcrumb

Use the dropdown to set your home page (reflect what you decided to use in Step 1), and modify the text boxes below. The software will give you suggestions on what to put in the text boxes once the dropdown selection is changed.
  • URL for Home can be either "~/" or "~/default.aspx"
  • URL for All Forums can be either "~/Forums" or "~/forums.aspx"
  • URL for Blog can be either "~/Blog" or "~/blog.aspx"
That's it.

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